WARNING: These comics are my competition. You can read them a little, but if you end up liking them more than you like TEDDY BEAR ANTI-CHRIST you'll get cancer and die.

KREEPY CAT makes me think I'm either doing some right or doing something very wrong. Either way, it tackles areas that have been tackled by very few webcomics. Conversations with God: "Lesson 2: God's a lying douchebag." Thoughts on fatherhood: "Daddy, why did you bury me alive?" "Because I hate you, Son." ". . . oh." It has almost everything that makes TBAC special, enough so that if I ever meet the talented bastard that draws it, I'm either going to punch him in the mouth and threaten to sue or I'm going to lick his head and absorb his soul. This is the reason I don't go to comic conventions . . . that and I'm cheap as hell, and lazy, and I don't know where they are and I don't like people.
Copper may be the best webcomic I have ever seen. It pains me to admit that the is art sickeningly good. You'll know it when you see it. The bastard has drawn less than 40 of the damn things and each one is more striking than the last. Both sweet and sad, it makes me feel that there's a philosophy at work that I don't quite understand, although I desperately want to. There is a sense of isolation that makes me feel at home somehow. But then I drink and forget everything until the next installment.

A goth comic that has a nice evil sense of humor. Doom Piggy reminds me a little of Teddy, except that Teddy isn't really a male chauvinist and doesn't taste good with eggs. It doesn't hurt that the female characters are all well stacked, plump little things with strange eye makeup. Again . . . well-stacked. The brown color is peculiar and after reading through all the comics I start to see the entire world in a brown tint. Which makes me want to kill things.
Ah finally a bizarre comic about, well, fuck. I'm not sure what it's about. But I like it. An alien, death incarnate (and his father), a cute talking holographic female computer, the post-apocalyptic world. . . good stuff. After reading this I knew I didn't take enough of the little green pills, but that's easy to fix.
A comic about peoples at an insane asylum, including one person who may or may not belong there. Keep an eye open for the "rhinocerous". He's my personal favorite. While you're there, check out the Ask Udora section. Good advice from a sadistic bitch.
This is like a comic drawn with a crayon by someone just off his meds but with a year left to serve on his institutionalized sentence. It had to be said. Anyway, it's weird and I like it and so will you if you know what's good for you.
It bugs the shit out of me when I find a great comic and can't find a damn banner. Anyway, Sin Fest is pretty damn funny. The style here, simple yet bold yet nausesously good (is "nauseously" even a word?) makes me want to cry. I used to read comics like Sluggy, Wapsi Square and The Wotch but I got bored of them after awhile. Sin Fest hasn't bored me yet. If that's isn't sufficient praise, I don't know what is.
If I were on an airplane and I saw this little comic, I might not notice it, figuring it for another pictograph meant to assure me I was NOT going to die when the hydraulics failed. It's cute and macabre. A perfect combination. Some of them I don't get. Some of them take me a second. Some of them are simplistic. But brutal, heh, heh. Brutal and funny, mostly brutal though. And funny. But brutal, too.
If you've never seen any of Robert Crumb's work then you should be ashamed. If you've never seen the documentary on him, well, you probably have no taste or soul, which heightens my respect for you, but not by much. With that said, Lonely Fetus is a strange, despressing webcomic that is as much about existential angst as it is about it is about happiness. To paraphrase: "Why should I feel so unhappy about being common?" You don't get that in Garfield, do you? Huh? Do you? Well? No, you don't! If Mike Jensen (creator) were a woman, I'd married him, er, uh, her or at the very least, abduct him, er, her and have sex with his, er, her corpse. Or maybe I'd just write a nice review on the links page of my webcomic.



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