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This is what you really want, isn't it? This, and girls who have cat tails, who are covered in fur, but who are still perfectly "do-able", if you don't mind the human sized kitty litter.

Or how about some "Manga" breasts or knockers in the "anime" style? Perhaps you should refer to my rant about what you're doing here. You won't listen, I know, so after you've sated yourself, if you're not too exhausted or sticky, you can go back and read some comics without boobs or 12 year old anime girls who all have kooky colored hair styled to defy gravity.

And maybe now I've offended you, because you really like anime/manga cat girls. If I have then you know it's because of the thing growing inside my head and I can't be held responsible. That . . . and it's very late and the medication isn't sitting well on my stomach and the voice keeps ranting on and on and on.

So HERE. Here is what you really want, another potential source to see boobs, think of it as an X-rated version of Sesame Street.


Balls... Bowls... Buttons...
...balls look like boobs. ...bowls look like boobs. ...buttons look like boobs.
Fans... Doorknobs... Burial Mounds...
...fans look like boobs. ...doorknobs look like boobs. ...burial mounds look like boobs.
Planets... Wheel Rims... Umbrellas...
...planets look like boobs. ...wheel rims look like boobs. ...umbrellas look like boobs.
Volcanoes... Boobs... Donating...
...volcanoes looks like boobs. ...boobs look like boobs. ...donating will NOT make you look like a boob!

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